Album – Moods & Visions

Moods and Visions

Moods and Visions

‘Moods and Visions’ is Strunz & Farah’s 20th release and 15th studio recording of all new material. It celebrates 35 years of collaboration, continuing and evolving their original synthesis of multi-cultural elements into a flowing, melodic and rhythmic acoustic guitar style of high virtuosity. Spectacular improvisations flash through their always colorful sonic weavings. These renowned master instrumentalists are accompanied by a top flight ensemble of rhythm section and flute.


1. Four Winds
2. Phrygian Contours
3. Spanish Main
4. Below The Moon
5. Green Mists
6. Tavoos (The Peacock)
7. Museo Romantico (Romantic Museum)
8. Halls of Time
9. El Pasatiempo (The Pastime)


Jorge Strunz & Ardeshir Farah: Guitars
Rob Hardt: Flute
Rick Keller: Flute
Jorge Sawa Perez: Bass
Elisio Borrero: Bass
Luis Conte: Latin Percussion
Majeed Ghorbani: Middle Eastern Percussion

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